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Types of tree surveys and reports

  • May 30, 2020
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Tree surveys are vital for any development projects, constructions, and much more.  There reliable, high quality and professional advice based on tree surveys, make your process easy. Tree surveys come in different forms and types. The variety of arboricultural studies varies to a great extent. If you want to develop your site, you need t to maximize the potential. There are a lot of incidences where you need tree surveys.  It would help if you got specific survey reports whether you are related to construction, forestry, or involved in the purchase of houses. Here are different types of tree survey that you may need.

Individual condition surveys

It is a primary survey type that involves the detailed inspection of individual trees. The survey varies depending on the intended uses of the survey report. It provides information about ages, varieties, and condition of trees. Other site-related factors are also covered in the survey.

British Standard 5837

Bs5837 tree survey is very important for site development plans. The trees are rated according to the desirability of retention and the distance from your development project. The site-specific aspects incorporate this type of survey.

Arboricultural impact evaluation

This survey is often required by local authorities to evaluate the impact of your construction plan on trees. It also includes a report about the calculation of root protection areas. It identifies the problem that may occur in the future.

Method statement

This type of survey provides information on how to carry out development near trees. It gives you an insight into the recommended sequence of operations that you need to follow to avoid any harm to trees growing nearby.

Subsidence surveys

The structural subsidence damage may often be due to abstraction from beneath the foundations through the roots of trees. These surveys are technical and are based on assumptions if sources may be found beneath the buildings.

Planting ventures

When you want to plant individual trees, you need recommendations from consultants on the suitability of different species. The survey varies and depends on the complexity that ranges from planting solitary trees to a plan for planting multiple trees.

Preservation Order

If there is a preservation order involved and there is a conservation area. It would help if you asked local authorities before carrying out any development on the field. You need to apply to the administration on a specific form. It includes accurate information about conservation requirements.