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Types of driveway material

  • May 3, 2020
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If you have a single-family residence, it is a good idea to have your driveway. Obviously, when you have constructed our driveway, you will need to maintain and upkeep it. In the changing world of real estate, you may guarantee nothing. If you have an upgraded and fully resurfaced driveway, it may surely reduce your home maintenance cost. If it is well done and constructed aesthetically and skillfully, it may increase the sale price of your home. So it is beneficial to own a full refurbished driveway. There are a lot of driveway renovation and rebuild services; you may hire  driveways Wirral service for the purpose.

If you look for a driveway, you will find different designs and flavours of driveways. There are almost types of driveways. They include:

  • Aggregate or gravel driveways
  • Paving stone
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete

I shall provide you with an insight into these types. We will discuss cost, material, durability and overall suitability of each type.


 it is a cheaper and inexpensive driveway material type. People use it for durability and strength. It is prone to erosion. It is considered to require low maintenance. Once this material has settled, you need a little support. It is also an environmentally friendly material type for driveways.

Paving stone driveways material

Concerning costs, the stone is the most expensive of four material types. It has some features which make it’s attractive for homeowners. The sand blends well with landscaping and design factors. It has limited DIY potential that is its disadvantage. It comes with high aesthetic appeal and offers a great look. It is also a durable material type. In some areas and geographical climates, it becomes more durable than asphalt. It stable and clean material types and most of the people use it or its neat features.


It is cheaper than stone and concrete. It is considered to be a highly functional driveway material. It required high maintenance in harsh climates. If you install it, you should seal it within one year. And resealing is compulsory after every three or four years. It may not become cheaper if we consider resealing costs.

Concrete driveway material

It is durable if we compare it with other material types. It may last longer than asphalt. It is a DIY friendly material type. It also requires lesser maintenance than different models.