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Top 7 Tips for a Successful Quick House Sale

  • August 29, 2016
  • By Admin: Frovenses
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Over the years, studies have shown that a quick house sale is a favourable method of disposing property for home sellers who are in need of a way of selling property that is fast, hassle free and guaranteed.

Even then, it is important that you consider the following tips before opting for a quick house sale:


  • Get an estate agent to assess your property – This is an important step to ensuring that you do not get false valuation for your property that will eventually result in getting less than the market value. You can get at least three different agents to do the property assessment before giving you an idea of how much your property is worth so as to determine if the property companies are making a good offer.
  • Shop for a quick house sale company – The truth of the matter is that not all quick house sale companies are the same. Thus, you need to take your time to identify a company that is legitimate, efficient, trustworthy and will not cost you more money that you can afford to lose. Do not settle for the first company that you will come across instead, make your choice from at least three companies by comparing what each is offering.
  • Do a background check of the company – Background checks are necessary to determine whether the company buys property or they will simply link you to a third party. Ultimately, ensure that the company is registered with Ombudsman services or The Property Ombudsman. Should the company claim to be regulated by an official body or that they have signed the code of practice, let them show you the evidence.
  • Engage an independent legal adviser – Property sale companies usually have a legal adviser they are working with, who they will recommend you to. Even then, it is advisable that you get your own that you can trust knowing that they do not have any interests whatsoever in the affairs of the company your are dealing with. The legal adviser will be tasked with explaining aspects of the sale that may not be clear to you with regard to the legal processes and terms. Most importantly, he needs to ensure that you have read and understood the agreement before putting ink to paper.
  • Negotiate the terms and price – You should not shy away from haggling. This is given in any quick house sale. Remember, it is here that your knowledge of the true market value of your property comes in. While that would be your aim, the final price is determined by the willingness of the buyer to pay the price or haggle for a much lower price. In the event that you cannot get the ideal price for your property, then you can opt for the next best price.
  • Get everything in writing – Always refrain from entering into verbal agreements as you do not have any backup in the event that something goes wrong. Be sure every detail of your agreement with the quick sale company is documented and agreed upon during the sale process.
  • Avoid committing right away – Although you may have the temptation to commit to making a decision immediately, ensure you are not under pressure. You should not be quick to make a decision simply because there is a queue of interested buyers. The only time you should sign and agree to the deal is when the offer is made to you in writing after all the surveys and checks have been done conclusively.Ultimately, it is possible to fetch a tidy sum of money from your quick house sale since you have the power to decide to accept the offer or not