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Tips for Replacing your Kitchen Worktops

  • September 4, 2016
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The kitchen is one of the areas in the home where you spend a lot of time. As such, you must ensure that it is not only well structured but also properly maintained. This is particularly true for kitchen worktops as this is where most of the activities take place hence; they tend to wear out faster.

Consequently, you may need to replace your kitchen worktops after a while. This is no mean feat as it will cost you a reasonable amount of money especially if you opt for high density materials that is durable and strong, as these will not require additional maintenance for a couple of years. You will do well to consider, worktops that are resistant to water, scratching and heat from Kitchens Direct, as they are the best quality as they are long lasting.

Why Replace Worktops?
Kitchen worktops are often exposed to rigours of the kitchen thus, with time they will have a tale to tell as they might end up with scars from dropped plates, knife cuts, split sauces among others. Therefore, experts at Kitchens Direct recommend replacing them as a great way of restoring the overall appeal of your worktop.

Tips to Replacing your Kitchen Worktop

Measure the area of your worktop – It is important to have the exact measurements of the area that needs to be replaced. In case you are sticking with the shape of the new worktop, be sure to take the measurements of the existing one. If you have decided to go for a different shape, then get new measurements. This should include the thickness of the worktop. A good worktop needs to be sturdy with thickness that can withstand daily wear and tear. You can then take the measurements to the Kitchens Direct experts who will guide you in making a decision.

Scribe the worktop for accurate fit – If you notice that there is a gap between your worktop and the wall, you may need to measure the difference after which you will cut out a wooden piece that you will use for scribing. This is a great way of ensuring that your worktops are fitted accurately and that there are no overhangs.

Adjust the length of the worktop– It is possible to fix the length of your worktops without using a joining strip. You can achieve this by placing two adjacent worktops in the manner that you would like to join them before adjusting them by scribing. You can then mark the positions of the screw before drilling in them. Finally, fix them using glue as well as three fixing plates for secure and proper fitting. Finalize this step by wiping away the excess glue before it dries up.

If you feel your kitchen worktops are worn out and require a transformation, go for Kitchens Direct range of worktops to give your kitchen a modern appeal. The choice of worktops coupled with professional workmanship is guaranteed to transform the look of your kitchen completely.