Real Estate

Types of tree surveys and reports

May 30, 2020

Tree surveys are vital for any development projects, constructions, and much more.  There reliable, high quality and professional advice based on tree [...]

Tips for buying property

March 2, 2020

Do you want to buy property for your living needs or just for investment purpose? It is a fact that property business has given the world some of the [...]

Property Valuation: Comparing your Property with Competition

August 31, 2016

One of the major factors that guide the valuation of your property is drawing comparisons between your property and recently sold property as well as [...]

Top 7 Tips for a Successful Quick House Sale

August 29, 2016

Over the years, studies have shown that a quick house sale is a favourable method of disposing property for home sellers who are in need of a way of [...]

Factors to Consider During Property Valuation

August 22, 2016

Whether you are looking to move or you are just interested in knowing the current worth of your property, you can always opt for free property valuation. [...]