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How to Avoid Unreliable Building Contractors

  • March 8, 2019
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A building project is one of the biggest investments a person may make in their lifetime. Building a house is something very important that will get you a permanent structure. At least this is what most people intend when they think of building. It is not often that a building gets demolished. What happens in most cases are renovations and extensions made to a building to suit the owner or user needs and preferences.

With these in mind, there is no doubt one would need a reliable building contractor. Under these circumstances, anyone looking to build a house should avoid unreliable building contractors. These are those who under deliver, don’t follow the r recommended guidelines and may extort money from you by using their expert guise.

Whether you are looking into plant hire Cheshire options or any other construction options around the UK, we can offer advice on how to avoid unreliable building contractors. Look for these Particular Signs

  1. They are cagey about references: Genuine and reliable traders are proud of their work and will even be happy to show you the building projects they have worked or are working on. So, if they are not so willing to show off, they are probably ingenuine and definitely unreliable.
  2. Have extremely low prices: Deals that are too good are not likely to be true so be careful because a cheap building contractor has a high chance of being unreliable. They may also do a shoddy job and also use cheap materials that will result in a poor building. You may end up doing the whole project again. There is quite some truth in the quote “cheap is expensive”.
  3. They don’t get into a contract: Unreliable building contractors do not get into an agreement through contracts. This allows them to deny ever agreeing with you. So be careful and avoid such contractors.
  4. They want to be paid up front: Reliable building contractors usually impress their clients with excellent work and are happy to be paid on completion. You should avoid those who want to be paid before a job is done. These are likely to be unreliable.

These are just some of the most significant signs of unreliable building contractors. Look out for these if you want to avoid such contractors. There are questions you can ask to avoid unreliable building contractors. Some very important ones include:

– Are they qualified?
– Do they have relevant experience?
– Can you contact their references?
– Do they have valid insurance?
– Are they VAT registered?
– Do they have offices and valid contact details?

You can also avoid unreliable building contractors by getting recommendations from family, friends, neighbours and other related workers. Chances are that you have seen buildings before and you can always ask the owners who built for them.