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Difference between Glazed and Tinted Windows

  • May 3, 2020
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Are you planning a new window installation in your home or commercial facility? Are you considering different window layouts and styles and want to choose the best that may serve your needs? When you are looking for windows installation, there are different styles, designs, and sizes that you need to choose from. You may find various companies offering you window designing and installation services. There are some top quality window companies in Glasgow to serve your specific needs and requirements.

Glazed windows

The main window types are glazed or tinted windows. The vitreous windows consist of two panes instead of just one. There is a space between the two windows, which are filled with an inert gas for better insulation.  These types of windows are the best choice for better insulation to resist energy waste and provide you extra safety and a calm environment. For these reasons, glazed windows are the top choice f homeowners and other commercial buildings.  You may save money due to energy efficiency and perfect insulation that avoids energy waste.

There are different styles and designs of double glazed windows. There may be trouble glazing windows that have three pans. These windows provide you three-fold protection. Space is filled with argon gas. These types of windows are a common choice for areas where weather is harsh.

Tinted windows

There is another type of window that is called a tinted window. The unique material changes the color of the glass. The window designers frequently use gray and bronze color types for these windows. These types of windows resist the penetration of heat and light through the windows. If there is no shade in the building, the tinted windows are the top choice to keep the temperature comfortable and reduce the glare.

There are some adverse effects associated with tinted windows. These types of windows are not suitable for indoor vegetations. The windows transmit less than 70 percent flight. This lower light causes a slower growth for plants. In some cases, plants may die.

The protection and safety are associated with gray ad bronze color windows. If these windows come with blue and green, they allow more light and reduce heat transition. If windows are black colored, they absorb more heat. So the black color tinted glass windows should be avoided in hot climates. You may choose the best window designs according to your needs and location.